Gun Care MC50 Bore Cleaner, Firearm and Gun Cleaner 118ML Bottle


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Hazardous Materials - Special Shipping Required

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Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh,

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MC50 Bore


Bore Cleaner: Powerfully Effective Barrel Choke & Cylinder Cleaning Treatment

  • CLEANING - MC50 will make it easy to clean your firearms and guns. Use our products on your barrel, choke or cylinders.
  • EASY TO USE - Soak your gun parts in MC50 for several minutes. Firing residue and melting plastics from wads are easily wiped away.
  • BIODEGRADABLE - MC50 is derived from essential oils of various plants. It is safe to use.

NRA Approved this Bore Cleaner is a unique, organic cleaning oil that is specifically designed to treat bore, choke and cylinder surfaces to address copper, lead, plastic wads and other hard-fouling.

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