MC2500 0.4 fl oz Syringe Gun Oil and Lubricant Protectant


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Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh,

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MC2500 ® oil is a blended, pourable, pumpable, oil version of TW25B ®. The lower viscosity of MC2500 ® (TW25B Oil) allows for easy migration of hard to reach parts while its liquidity allows the user the ability to pour or pump the lubricant easily. Preferred lubricant on heavy weaponry, AR's, all firearms, shotguns and handguns while protecting wear parts and bore. Live-fire trials and laboratory testing have shown MC2500 (TW25B Oil) enables firing of 6 to 10 more rounds between cleanings while using a fraction of our lubricant when compared to other products.



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