Sandstrom Poxylube® CP-200 Colorless Air Dry Solid Film Lubricant - 4.5 oz Aerosol Can (12 MOQ)


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Sandstrom CP-LUBE Poxylube ® CP200 is an all-purpose maintenance lubricant that prevents seizure and resists corrosion. It dries quickly and is self bonding. It can be used on hinges, latches, pins, levers locks, etc. Additionally, Poxylube ® CP200 cleans with special solvents before it lubricates and can be applied inside the lock with a unique stainless steel needle. Because Poxylube ® CP200 contains no oils or petroleum products, it won't attract dirt and dust buildup.

Approved for Medeco ® Locks


  • Easy to apply: Aerosol spray can application, air drying
  • Self-bonding: Use on most surfaces with minimal surface prep
  • Non-migrating lubricant: Provides a low Coefficient of Friction
  • Lubricates
  • No Drips, No Stains: Does not run off or drip under heat or pressure and does not evaporate
  • No Messy Residue: Dries clear
  • No Waiting Period: Dries quickly
  • Long Life
  • Prevents Seizure
  • Resists Wear
  • Suitable for any Climate

COVERAGE: One can of this material will theoretically cover 3 sq. ft. with a dry film thickness of 0.25 mils. Coverage depends upon method of application and other variables such as overspray and type of surface to be coated. Above coverage rates are based on 100% efficiency.

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