9A Solid Film Lubricant Heat Cure Series E750 Molybdenum Gallon

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Hazardous Materials - Special Shipping Required

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Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh,

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Mil Specification

AS5272 TYPE II; MIL-L-46010 Type II


Sandstrom 9A dry film lubricant is a paint-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments. This heat curing material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting. It is a low-friction coating which exhibits long wear life when operated at -320 °F to +500 °F under loads exceeding 100,000 psi. Sandstrom 9A should be applied where maximum wear life and corrosion protection from a dry film lubricant are required.

Sandstrom 9A may be applied by brush, dip or spray method to a wide variety of surfaces. After it is heat cured, 9A is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, solvents, acids, oils or degreasers and is not re-softened at elevated temperatures.

Qualified to SAE AS5272 Type II (FORMERLY MIL-L- 46010D Type II)

  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Long Wear Life


OEM APPROVED: Caterpillar, Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Teledyne, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Eaton Corporation, BAE Systems, Rocketdyne, etc


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