AH-1F Helicopter Erosion Sparking Protection Kit


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Hazardous Materials - Special Shipping Required

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This kit contains a sufficient quantity of material, templates, tools, and instructions for field. Application of this protective material on the above referenced helicopter blades. Approved for 4AH-1F Helicopter

The kit contains:

- 2 each Instruction sheets
- 3 rolls of Making Tape 1" x60 yd (GradeB)
- 10 sheets of Sandpaper 80 grit, 2 1/2 x 18" strip
- 12 Wiping cloth, papaer cheesecloth
- 24 pair of Disposable Gloves large size
- 30 Disposable Brushes of 2" wide bristles
- 2 packs of Floded papaer towel
- 64 kits of  L-100 prepackage Kit (25-1004-00)

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