Curtis Superior ValveSKU: CURT00001168


Product Information

Shelf Life

5475 Days

OEM Part Number


Schedule B


Mil Specification

28208 and 49F9768-49, TSO C76


Part Number: CCA-1250 1/8 N.P.T. BrassInst. Lgth .750Action Spiral, lock open. FAA Approved Code TSO-C76

Curtis Superior Valve Co (CSVC) Fuel Drain Valve Thread Size - 1/8" NPT Brass Length 1.358" Action: Spiral, Lock Open, Conforms to USAF spec 28208 and 49F9768-49, TSO C76

Alternates with CAV110, 1250, CCA1550, C1250,

Quick opening brass drain valve for aircraft oil or fuel systems. A slight twist opens valve. No safety wire needed in closed position. FAA approved. TSO-C76 Approved.

Note: FAA Approval applies to fuel applications only. NOT FAA Approved for oil applications.

Thread Size: 1/8-Inch NPT
Length: 1.358-Inch
Action: Spiral, Lock Open
Conforms To: USAF Spec. 28208, USAF 49F9798-49, TSO-C76
Curtis Superior Valve is experienced in valve design and can help solve your valve problems. In most cases a standard Curtis Superior Valve will do the job. Or possibly a slight modification of a production unit will answer a specific problem. We will be glad to give you any assistance you may require with your Quick Drain Valve application.


Curtis Superior Valves are designed for installation in a standard NPT port for NPT threaded valves or an AND-10050 stlye port for UNF threaded valves. Use a sealant on NPT threaded valves or a fuel resistant o-ring of the proper size for UNF threaded valves. Refer to aircraft manufacturers torque specifications for the aircraft in which it is being used. Curtis Superior Valves require no special maintenance. Keep them reasonably clean and replace according to the prescribed synthetic rubber maintenance schedule for the aircraft in which they are used or 10 year usable life per Curtis Superior Valve whichever occurs first. Curtis Superior Valves cannot be OVERHAULED. Replace the entire valve per the maintenance schedule of the aircraft in which it is used or usable life per Curtis Superior Valve should it begin to leak.


Due to the low replacement cost of Curtis Quick Drain Valves versus the cost of replacement seals, breakage of seals in overhaul installations and labor costs, it is not recommended they be overhauled. Replace the entire valve in accordance with the instructions in MAINTENANCE above or should they begin to leak.

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