CCA-39700-4 Quick Drain

Curtis Superior ValveSKU: CURT00001237


Product Information

Shelf Life

5475 Days

OEM Part Number


Schedule B



This Curtis Quick Drain Security System is designed to accept a locking device that will prevent tampering and the theft of fuel. FAA TXO-C76 approved. The quick drain security system is available in sets of 2, 4, or 6 quick drain valves, and each valve comes with a lock. Included in each set are two master keys and a fuel sampling cup. The dash number on the model numbers below indicates the number of valves and locks included.

Part Number: CCA-39700-4 SECURITY SYSTEM

  • 4 CCA-39650 VALVES
  • 4 CCA-39660 LOCKS
  • 2 CCA-39670 KEYS
  • 1 CCA-39680 SAMPLE CUP

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