VX-115 (VV-C-846) Cutting Fluid 5 Gallon


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Countries available in

Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh,

OEM Part Number

VV-C-846 5Gal



Mil Specification



The VX-115 is an all-purpose heavy-duty emulsion which contains a chemically treated water soluble base and extreme pressure additives for exceptional tool life.

Excellent solubility in either soft or hard water, milky white liquid in water phase. The VX-115 is an outstanding heavy-duty emulsion suitable for use in all metal machining operations where an emulsion type fluid is preferred. The VX-115 combines high film strength and lubricity with exceptional anti-weld properties. Its polarity and film properties result in greater productivity and minimized machining cost through increased tool life. The VX-115 is fortified for additional rust inhibiting properties and is anti-septically treated to decrease the process of bacterial growth and rancidity.

The VX-115 covers a wide range of metal machining operations including cutting, grinding, reaming, roll forming, tapping, boring, broaching, and sawing. Heavy duty machining operations can be run at 6 parts water to 1 part VX-115.

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