D6-17487 Aircraft toilet deodorizer and disinfectant.


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ASG PRO BRANDDEODORANT CONCENTRATED is a completely soluble, non flammable, non corrosive liquid toilet disinfectant / deodorizer.

DEODORANT CONCENTRATED is formaldehyde free and all the detergents are biodegradable. It contains chemical and aromatizing agents which do not just mask, but actually prevent the formation of odors.

At use concentrations, DEODORANT CONCENTRATED is non-corrosive to all metals and materials used in the toilet systems.

Because it is liquid, DEODORANT CONCENTRATED is easier in handling than powders or pellets. It also contains a deep-blue color indicator, which allows ease inspection of tanks for presence of deodorant.

DEODORANT CONCENTRATED solution lasts throughout the complete flight and does not require constant checking or "in-flight" replenishing.


DEODORANT CONCENTRATED meets the following specifications:

Conforms to the requirements for non-corrosivity of metals and compatibility with non-metallic materials of AMS 1476B.

BOEING D6-17487

Technical information

Appearance: Dark blue liquid.

Density: 1,00 + 0,01

Flash Point: Non-flammable.


The recommended dilution for DEODORANT CONCENTRATED is 1 % in water of total capacity of the system reservoir. To maintain this concentration, reestablish the intensity of the blue coloration by adding small quantities of DEODORANT CONCENTRATED.

This proportion can be reduced or increased depending in the flight duration and the desired result.

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