MIL-C-10578 D Type I Corrosion Removing and Metal Conditioning Compound (Phosphoric Acid Base)


Product Information


 is an acidic liquid product containing surfactants and solvents. RR–2333 meets the requirements of MIL-C-10578 D Type I.

Intended Use

MIL-C-10578 D Type I is used as a corrosion removing and metal conditioning compound which, when diluted with water and applied to metal surfaces, will remove rust from ferrous metal surfaces and provide a slight etching action for ferrous and nonferrous metals to promote the adhesion of paint or corrosion preventives.

MIL-C-10578 D Type I is intended for use as a rust remover for ferrous metal parts and as a metal conditioner for ferrous and nonferrous metal parts prior to application of paint and / or corrosion preventatives.

MIL-C-10578 D Type I can alternatively be used on aluminium for preparing aluminium parts for painting.

Do not use on zinc, tin and galvanized surfaces.


Add 1 part of the concentrated material as received to 3 parts of water by volume. Use acid resisting steel, earthenware crocks or other suitable mixing tanks. Remove heavy rust by wire brush and heavy grease with a grease solvent before applying the compound.

After proper dilution, apply by spray, dip or flow-brush on clean metal surfaces. Allow the material to remain only long enough to wet the surface in order to cause etch. On rusted surfaces, allow material to remain long enough to loosen the rust (from 2 to 10 minutes depending on the degree of rusting). Then rinse surface with water, preferably hot; permit to dry thoroughly prior to application of rust preventative or paint.

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