MIL-C-16173 E GR3 Corrosion Preventive Compound Solvent Cutback (1 Gallon) MOQ 4


Product Information


The soft film, corrosion preventive compound is intended for use on any metal surface.

It can be used both for initial protection during shipment and storage, for in-service treatment, indoor protection and short term protection outdoors where surfaces can be recoated when required.

The combination of properties of MIL-C-16173 E GR3 provide the necessary requirements for a corrosion preventing compound for use in extreme naval aviation environment.

It is also intended for use on moving parts where some lubrication is required ,such as hinges, bomb racks and sliding parts.


  • Forms a corrosion resistant and salt water resistant protective film.
  • Stops grinding by penetrating deep and lubricating, hinges, locks, mechanisms, threads, etc.
  • After its application surfaces remain lubricated.
  • Keeps moisture away.
  • Protects spare-parts from rust and leaves a thin imperceptible protective film.

Intended Usage

  • A) For use where water or saline solution must be displaced from corrodible surfaces and the corrosion prevented or arrested.
  • B) For protection of metallic surfaces of machinery interior instruments, or parts under cover for limited periods.
  • C) For the protection of critical bare steel or phosphate surfaces for extended periods when packaged with suitable barrier materials.

Directions for Use

It is used in full strength by spray, immersion or swab. Allow MIL-C-16173 E GR3 to dry to form a protective anti-corrosive film.

Product Removal

It is easily removed from parts by solvent wiping, steam gun cleaning or alkaline hot tank immersion.

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