MIL-C-16173 E GR4 Corrosion Preventive Compound Solvent Cutback (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-16173 E GR4 is a corrosion preventive compound specially designed to protect metals against rust and corrosion for indoor and outdoor storage, and shipment. When used as recommended MIL-C-16173 E GR4 is easy and economical to apply and remove and provides a durable, long lasting, non-tacky coating suitable for protecting metal surfaces against the elements of corrosive environment.


Meets requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-16173E GRADE 4, transparent non-tacky film.

Intended Usage

  • For general purpose indoor and limited outdoor preservation of corrodible metals with our without an overwrap and where handling, stacking and counting requires a tack-free coating.
  • For storage protection of precision parts, machine tools, pistons, valves and where a transparent coating is required in addition to properties indicated in item (a) above.
  • For protection of machinery and parts designed for export and where salt spray contamination is likely to occur.
  • Where there is no requirement for miscibility with lubricating oil and where ease of removal with stoddard’s solvent is important.

Directions for Use

MIL-C-16173 E GR4 is used in full strength by spray, immersion or swab. Allow MIL-C-16173 E GR4 to dry to form a transparent non-tacky film, protective anti-corrosive film.

Product Removal

MIL-C-16173 E GR4 is removed from parts by solvent wiping, steam gun cleaning or alkaline hot tank immersion.

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