O-C-1889 (Replaced MIL-C-18718) Safety Solvent remove grease, fungus, and ground- in dirt (1 Gallon)


Product Information



O-C-1889 is a liquid product with high flash point which meets the requirements of BOEING Document D6-17487, MIL-C-18718 and O-C-1889.


O-C-1889 is used to remove grease, fungus, and ground- in dirt from but not limited to, photographic processing equipment, electrical and electronic material, engine components small arms, and armament.


O-C-1889 is applied neat by spraying, mopping, brushing or dipping.

The objects are left to dry. No rinsing is required.

Product Properties

Appearance: Colourless liquid.

Flash point: > 70°C Corrosive action: None Specific gravity: 0,92 ± 0,02

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