MIL-C-19853 C Type II class 1 Carbon Removing Compound agitating tank (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-19853 C Type II class 1 is a concentrated light bodied tank type carbon and paint remover that removes carbon and paint from ferrous and nonferrous parts safely and effectively which meets the requirements of U.S specifications AMS-C-19853 Type II, class 1 and MIL – R – 19853 TYPE II class 1.


  • Non flammable
  • Long tank life
  • Non corrosive to all metals
  • Concentrated to save freight cost and storage space.
  • Contains no phenols.
  • No heating expense


MIL-C-19853 C Type II class 1 is applied for removing carbon deposits, oils, greasers etc. from the components of reciprocating and "jet" engines of the aircrafts.

Removes many types of paint coatings and it is safe on aluminium, ferrous, magnesium etc. Doesn't attack the anodize coatings.


Fill the tank with MIL-C-19853 C Type II class 1 to about ¾ of its volume. Add 1% sodium chromate solution to provide a seal of 10 –15% of the total volume of material.

Parts should be totally immersed in the lower layer for 1 to 3 hours.

Immersion time varies, depending on the nature of the carbonized deposits, paint, soil, etc.

Increase or decrease time accordingly.

Upon withdrawal from MIL-C-19853 C Type II class 1 tank, parts should be rinsed with hot or cold high-pressure water. Maintain the seal layer in a range of 13-15% total tank volume by adding periodically small quantities of water to replace evaporation.

Removing Sludge

Periodically allow the solution to settle for 24 hours, so it can be drained off and the sludge removed from the bottom of the tank.

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