MIL-C-21614 Scale Removing Compound (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-21614 is a powder acid type product that effectively removes calcium carbonate and magnesium hydrate scale from heat exchangers, boilers, evaporators and other types of water systems.

It contains inhibitors and surface-active agents to protect sound metal surfaces and give more efficient reaction with the scale deposits.

When dissolved in water its ingredients become chemically active, rapidly removing light scale and rust without appreciable action on the sound metal beneath. Through chemical reaction the scale is converted into highly soluble salts that are easily flushed away.

Generally a single treatment will restore full system efficiency. Subsequent treatments periodically will prevent the heavy scale incrustations and rust deposits that inevitably lead to serious impairment of system efficiency, costly downtime and expensive repairs.

Use Instructions

MIL-C-21614 is used in a concentration 10 % in the water. The concentration varies, depending on the nature and the quantity of the scale.

Cold solutions work very satisfactorily. However, heating does speed its action, with greatest efficiency obtained at 160 oF.

To strengthen solutions weakened through usage, simply add more MIL-C-21614 to restore solution to desired concentration.

Add MIL-C-21614 directly to the water in the system.

Circulate solution, hot or cold, until inspection shows system is free of scale. If solution requires bolstering in strength, simply add MIL-C-21614 directly to the solution.

When system runs clean, flush with water and neutralize residual acid with our product K-NUTRO or ALKALINITY CONTROL in a concentration of 1,5 - 3 % solution.

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