MIL-C-22230 Cleaning Compound Fuel Tank and Bilge Navy special or diesel Oil Tank (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-22230 is intended for use in cleaning fuel oil tanks (Navy special or diesel), lubricating oil tanks, and machinery space bilges by emulsification of the oil. This compound should not be used in cleaning turbine fuel (JP-4, JP-5 and JP-8) or gasoline tanks because of detrimental effects of trace residues of the cleaner on performance of coalescer-type filters installed for these tanks. This compound also adversely affects the performance of oily water separator (OWS) systems which require a weakly emulsifying detergent.

The usage is not limited to such applications but could be extended for many general cleaning and degreasing applications such as grease removal, oil, sludge, carbon deposits, general dirt, vegetable and animal oils. Also may be used as a filter cleaner, deck cleaner and engine room cleaner. After its use it de-emulsifies in the bilges or sloptanks. Suitable for use with oil / water separators.

MIL-C-22230 B is in accordance to U.S. Military Specification


  • Excellent solvency for grease and soil.
  • Safe on all metals including high strength steel, cadmium plated steel, magnesium, aluminium, titanium, acrylic plastics, paints etc.
  • Not flammable.
  • Contains no phenols heavy metals, benzol and chlorinated compounds.
  • Biodegradable surfactants.


MIL-C-22230 is used neat or diluted with fresh or seawater preferably hot at a temperature of 60-70°C in varying concentrations depending on the heaviness of the soil.

MIL-C-22230 is applied by immersion, mop, spray or conventional foamers. Allow to stand on surface for 5-10 minutes then rinse off with high-pressure water, either fresh or seawater.

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