MIL-C-22542 Cleaning Compound High Pressure Cleaner Liquid (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-22542 is an alkaline water-based product which is formulated to clean reactive alloys, ferrous alloys and painted surfaces by steam or high pressure spray cleaning methods. It will not attack aluminium or well-bonded paints.

Meets the requirements of MIL-C-22542 B.


  • Does not contain chromates, phenols and resins.
  • Easily rinsible.
  • Used at low concentrations.


For high pressure steam cleaning machines of the continuous tabular coil vapor-generating type for cleaning of painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces and to neutralize acid in specialized paint stripping operations. A 10 percent aqueous solution of this compound is used to neutralize surfaces that previously had been treated with acid type cleaners or strippers.

Directions for Use

For use with steam cleaning and high pressure cleaning equipment in a proportion of 0,5 – 6% in water. The proportion may be adjusted to achieve the desired result. Rinse with water under pressure.

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