MIL-C-25769 Cleaning Compounds, Aircraft Surface, Alkaline Water Base (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-C-25769 is an alkaline water based compound, which meets the requirements of BOEING Document D6 – 17487, MIL-C-25769H and AMS-1526.


MIL-C-25769 is formulated to effectively clean painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces. Removes dirt, grease, petroleum and synthetic oils, light carbon, etc. It is safe on all metals and well bonded paints.

Also does not attack plastic and Plexiglas when used according to instructions.


MIL-C-25769 can be applied by brush or spray. Normally MIL-C-25769 is used diluted 1 part up to 5-20 parts of water depending on the type and quantity of soil involved.

Allow to stand for approximately 5-15 minutes.

Brush all areas with stiff bristle brush and finally rinse with high-pressure water.

For extremely heavy soil MIL-C-25769 may be used neat or diluted 1 part up to 3 parts of water.

Product Properties

Appearance: Clear liquid

Boiling point: 100 oC

Solubility in water: Complete in all proportions Specific gravity: 1,020 ± 0,02 gr/cm3

PH (10 % sol): 11,5 ± 0,05

Flash point: None to boil.

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