MIL-C-38334 A TYI Class 1 Corrosion Removing Compound Pre-paint, for Aircraft aluminum Surfaces 1 Gallon (MOQ 4)


Product Information


MIL-C-38334 A TYI Class 1 is a remover that rapidly removes surface oxidation and corrosion. It conditions aluminium surfaces for excellent paint adhesion. Thixotropic. Clings to inclined, vertical and overhead surfaces. It can be easily be removed with flowing water. Safe on most soundly bonded paints, which contain no aluminium  pigment; most plastics including Plexiglas; and most electrical insulation


  • Free rinsing.
  • Acids are expended, leaving no corrosive residues
  • Safe on most soundly bonded paints
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no chromates or other heavy metal salts
  • Surfactants biodegradable


MIL-C-38334 A TYI Class 1 is designed to remove corrosion products from aircraft aluminum surfaces. Does not attack the painted surfaces and the acrylic parts of the aircraft. It is not safe for Magnesium and high strength steels.

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