MIL-C-38736 B TY II Intrepid Coatings Cleaning Solvent, Solvent Mixtures (Metric) 1 Gallon (MOQ 4)


Product Information


MIL-C-38736 B TY II Normal solvent blend especially formulated for use in the final cleaning of metal surfaces and solvent resistant coatings prior to the application of integral fuel tank sealants.

Also used for final cleaning prior to the application of chemical treatment MIL-C-5541.

Usage is not limited to such applications.

In addition it may be used for electric motors, pumps, valves, machinery, starters, generators, connectors, fans and blowers, cables and wires, distributors, military aircraft, mechanical parts, motors, engines, etc. and in all cleaning operations where a very fast evaporating solvent is required.


  • Low toxicity
  • It can be recycled
  • Practically odorless
  • Safe to all metals
  • High cleaning ability
  • Safe to the ozone layer
  • Evaporates quickly and completely leaving no residues


  • Very flammable (flash point approximately <–5oC).


MIL-PRF-38736 B TYPE I  & A-A-59261 TYPE I


MIL-C-38736B Type 1 is used neat and may be applied by brushing dipping or non- atomizing spray. Allow MIL-C-38736B to completely evaporate leaving surface dry. When applied by immersion tanks should be covered with a lid to minimize evaporation of solvent.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance : Clear liquid

Specific gravity : 0,81 + 0,03

Flash point : < -5oC

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