MIL-I-25135 Crack Detection Kit 3 aerosol can kit


Product Information


MIL-I-25135 CRACK DETECTION KIT is composed of three specially designed aerosol products for detecting cracks in metal, ceramic and all similar non-absorbent surfaces in general.

MIL-I-25135 CRACK DETECTION KIT meets the requirements of MIL – I – 25135, AMS-2644, DIN 54142 and EN 571-1,2 type II C d according to EN 571-1.

The sensitivity that is requested conforms to Class 2 according to EN ISO 3452-2.

It is safe for all metals including aluminium, zinc, tin and all reactive metals.


  • Sensitive. Detects even the slightest of cracks.
  • Dependable results.
  • Detects cracks of all sizes in seconds.
  • Versatile. No need for special accommodations or equipment.
  • No need for specially trained personnel.


Clean parts thoroughly using Cleaner. Ensure that all oil, grease, dirt, etc. are removed. Dry thoroughly. Spray a generous amount of Penetrant on the surface to be inspected. Allow penetrant to dwell a minimum of 10 minutes. Wipe off all the excess penetrant using dry rags. Moisten a rag with cleaner and remove the remaining surface penetrant smoothly. Allow surface to dry. Spray a thin film of Developer onto the surface (shake well before using). Two coats are sufficient. As the developer dries the bright red penetrant will bleed into the developer showing surface discontinuities.

Inspecting and interpreting results


To avoid blockage of developer’s can valve after using, turn the can upside – down and spray until clear gas comes out.

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