MIL-PRF-6864 F (MIL-C-6864) Cleaning solvent removing carbon and oil residues from aircraft oil coolers and oil tanks (1 Gallon)


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Shelf Life


Mil Specification

MIL-PRF-6864 F; MIL-C-6864 C


MIL-PRF-6864 F (MIL-C-6864) is a solvent type liquid product for removing carbon and oil residues from aircraft oil coolers and oil tanks.


  • Long tank life.
  • Safe to all metals.
  • Used at room temperature.
  • Used neat. No mixing or dilution necessary.

Directions for Use

The oil cooler shall be cleaned in a washing machine that has a tumbling and surging action caused by pressure and vacuum.

The regulators shall be so hooked up that the cleaning compound will circulate in the opposite direction to that of the flow of oil when the regulators are installed on the plane. The oil cooler shall be flushed with any standard petroleum solvent to remove residual oil and sludge.

The oil cooler shall not be immersed in the cleaning compound. The cooler shall then be flushed with the cleaning compound to remove the carbon deposits, engine oil, gums, lead deposits and foreign contamination.

The cooler shall then be rinsed with a standard petroleum solvent. If the oil cooler is not to be brightened, it shall be filled with a suitable preservative oil and drained prior to use or storage: otherwise no preservatives should be applied.

The material has a long shelf life but there are certain things that will seriously affect its performance. Incomplete draining of the oil coolers prior to introduction of the product will allow the product to be diluted with solvent and oil. Water or preservatives will seriously interfere with the proper cleaning action of the product.


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