MIL-PRF-7024 TYPE II Aircraft Calibrating Fluid system (1 Gallon)


Product Information


MIL-PRF-7024 TYPE II meets the requirements of U.S. Military Specification (TYPE II Special Run Stoddard Solvent) Calibrating Fluid, used in the calibration of aircraft fuel system components.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Specific Gravity, 15.6oC / 15.6oC : 0.770 + 0.005 Color, saybolt, lighter than : +25

Viscosity, Centistokes at 25oC : 1.17 + 0.05

Gum, Existent mg/100 ml (Max) : 5.0


Initial Boiling point, oC (Min) : 149

Final Boiling point, oC (Max) : 210

Recovery Percent (Min) : 98.5

Flash Point, oC (Min) : 38

Aromatics, vol. Percent (Max) : 20.0

Benzene, vol. percent (Max) : 0.01

Olefins, vol. Percent (Max) : 5.0

Particulate Matter, mg/l (Max) : 2.0 Mercaptan Sulfur, percent weight (Max) : 0.001

or Doctor Test : Sweet

Copper Corrosion (Max) : No. 1

Total Acid number, mg /l (Max) : 0.015


We also offer calibrating fluid, Type I, Type II and Type III in conformance with MIL-PRF-7024.

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