Military Standard MS9226 / AS9226-07 Oxidized Inconel 0.063" Diameter Safety Wire -1 lb Roll


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SAE AS9226, Revision B, October 2019 - WIRE - STEEL, CORROSION AND HEAT RESISTANT, SAFETY, 1800 °F

MS9226 Malin Oxidized Inconel Safety Wire has a diameter of .063 inches and comes in a 1 pound roll. Weight - 1.1 pounds. Country - United States

Malin Co. is the leading supplier of lock wire, safety wire, and other stainless steel wire products. We have been producing high-quality safety wire and lockwire products since 1884. Furthermore, our safety lock wire products are ideal for aerospace applications as well as hardware and industrial wholesale companies.

Lock wire’s design ensures that fasteners are tight enough. Malin’s lockwire is a positive locking device, which functions as a safety mechanism to prevent the loosening of fasteners. Typically, lock wire is threaded through the fastener’s hole, twisted onto another part or fastener, and then twisted again.

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