Threadlocker Sealant GRADE AA 50 ML Green colour Mil-S-22473


Product Information



Shelf Life

18 months

OEM Part Number

INSTAbond 401



Mil Specification

Mil-S-22473 Grade AA


INSTAbond 401 is a very high strength threadlocking compound designed for threaded fastener diameters of ¼” (6 mm) and smaller. Has moderate chemical resistance and slow fixture time for items requiring adjustment. Parts can be separated using hand tools. INSTAbond 401 complies with MIL-S-22473 Grade AA / ASTM D5363 AN0111.

Substrates should be cleaned and degreased with a solvent such as acetone, MEK, or trichloroethylene. Do use mineral spirits or Stoddard solvent. Allow substrates to dry completely before applying sealing compound.
Apply sealing compound to both surfaces and assemble. For faster cure speed and maximum bonding, apply INSTAbond Primer N or T prior to application of sealing compound. Allow primer to dry thoroughly before applying sealing compound. Once fixturing has occurred, no adjustments should be made as this will decrease the sealing compound’s total locking strength once the fixture bond is broken. 

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