TW25B 16 Oz Caulk Premium Firearm and Gun Grease- Synthetic Lubricant


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Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Sri-Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh,

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TW25B ® is a synthetic light grease engineered for long-lasting lubrication protection and extreme pressure, heavy-load applications. TW25B ® reduces friction and wear on all working parts, penetrates metal surfaces and leaves a semi-dry film coating for smooth function and extended life of metal parts. Resists wash-off, wear-off. Temperature range: - 90 °F (- 67 °C) to +450 °F (+232 °C).

Application: Apply a thin coat to clean, dry surfaces. Wipe off any excess to prevent debris attachment. Do not over-lubricate.

Used by special forces worldwide.

    MPN: TW25B-1NC17

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